Tuesday, 17 September 2013

'Architecture is inhabited sculpture. There hasn't been any art yet. Art is just beginning.'Constantin Brancusi

Nothing short of enlightenment is the new venture of my present day practice; whether painting colour fields on canvas or escaping into the sculptural world with the colours this path needs unveiling. The new age reflects the future of art and global fusion - a volatile and youthful culture absorbing the most recent discoveries of science and technology. An artist predicts the transformations of origins and perennial tradition and his work provides profound insights into today’s ethics. Colors are everywhere. Forms and shapes we find in everything nowadays. They are like products. They are like people. They are buildings. They compel us. It makes our world. ‘We are the people that rule the world’ as in an Empire of the Sun song, and although it sounds crazy, wild and happy, this is our life and it goes on forever. So I have made a work that proliferates this rapid movement. I say It’s Christmas everyday! …from now on at Futura Park. The work is called Neverending Line.

Looking like candy bars, the pieces in 'Neverending Line' are rising up in colour.

The sitting area. Lying down in their inception state they are composed of metal.

The Neverending Line is a continuous and fluctuating virtual line (see image at the top) that has exploded on a boulevard into little fractals pulsing with colour like fireworks in the sky. Standing straight, inclined or falling over and vice versa the scattered positions of the sculptures form an onerous concept. It is like the cycle of life, an imaginary line starts in one point and returns in the same point. Like the people who come at Futura Park, they shop, or visit the popular departments, they go home and then they come back. This cycle repeats over and over. It’s an attraction. It’s a necessity. A sculpture creating sympathy in a future place of leisure and shopping; it is very efficient with functionality and it inherits the sites specific vitality. Takashi Murakami broke into fashion with his art. I am exploring new lands of commerciality. The forms of my outdoor sculpture are compact with color definitions that investigate the nature of familiarity and closeness in urbanisation. It describes the connection between the conscious and the unconscious, removing the recognizable and filling in the gaps in memory. The mental events that happen when seeing these giant candy bars are expressions making way for wish fulfilments. The Neverending Line is a public installation layed out in an artistic fashion forming three dimensional spaces where people can walk in to and have a sense of interactivity area.

 Apocaliptic landscape with alien forms.

Neverending Line was inspired by the pipes that manufacturers used in the past on the former industrial site that housed the Crane foundry.

The Neverending Line is exploring the dissolution of all boundaries between sculpture and its relationship to place. From primeval forms of sculpture to modern monuments and the propagation of new public art my sculpture is a flow of urban life, a channel of bright lights that spark like glitter. Spreading warmness - is how accessible/visible art should be to society. The artwork captures the entire area in a spellbinding way. It is like encountering another population. References include Damien Hirsts vibrant Spot paintings, Le Corbusier purist architectural combos, Zaha Hadids engineering antics, Anish Kapoor futuristic demotics. In an era where romanticism is mixed with cyber analogies everything is possible. You enter the time zone of a newfound sci-fi stratosphere. Superimposed like an open spectacle for the eyes.

Neverending Line design

Unveiling the plaque of the sculpture at Futura Park with the Mayor of Ipswich

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