Monday, 1 April 2013

The Easter Show & Rebirth

There were some luminous days this Easter at Aldeburgh. An art performance initiated during Caroline Wiseman's The Peoples Art Party. People from everywhere experienced Rebirth - a project which took place at The Lookout South Beach. It was Andrei Costache's art collaboration.

The aim was to create an Easter project which would enable people to be born again metaphorically and enter the art world subconsciously. Each participant of the public was asked to search for a pebble on the beach, they were then asked to hold the pebble in their hand and to shut their eyes. Thinking deep about life, easter and the happy moments that emanate whilst surrounded by the sound of the sea. Making perceptible references to elements of nature, religion and life magnified to its apex expression.

After thirty seconds they were asked to open their eyes and to tell the first word that would come into their mind, that best described the emotion they felt at that time, while seeing the sea or sky or other sublime view. They were then asked to write this word on their pebble and were able to take their pebble home to keep, to remind them of the experience that just happened.

In reference to Felix Gonzalez-Torres's Untitled work with stacks of paper, Rebirth was a celebration of the people's revelations at Easter. It was billed as an Easter egg hunt, people had to hunt through their emotions to be rewarded with an Easter egg. Conveying moods which were real, poetic and seductive, Rebirth was an intimate work that was instantly catchy. It transferred people to a surreal place - as if spending a vacation on an island at the end of the world and describing the exotic experience in one word.

The emotions recorded in the Rebirth project were:

Still Depressed
 Light Headed
Inner Glow
 Life, Light
 Fortune, Happiness, Tranquil, Peace
 Warmth, Breathe
 Excited, Cold, Replete, Happy, Joy
 Mother, Poignant
 Hunger, Peace, Cold
 Resilience, Light
 Calm, Sea, Seascape
 Happy, Sunshine
Blissful, Happy

A performance documentated by Chloe Sage.


The exhibition was on display for four days this Easter. Works by famous artists such as Picasso, Matisse and David Hockney were the main fascinations at the vivid lighthouse. We were enchanted to see amongst them works by UCS student Andrei Costache.

Happy Easter!

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