Saturday, 25 May 2013

SNIP Show 2013
8 - 23 June
11am - 5pm daily
Abbey Farm Barn
Snape, Suffolk
IP17 1RQ

‘Alarming us of things to come these youngsters don’t just put their foot in the door. They kick it down!’ Now this is how you start a student exhibition. Already taking us by surprise with its piquant motto the SNIP show at Aldeburgh Music Festival 2013 presents University Campus Suffolk’s finest art students out there.

Mystic, cult, ferocity and violence at its peak all translate the exhibition’s focus from what we have seen on their nectarious website. ‘Scientifically speaking’ a UCS cheerleader speaks ‘the impact of these new comers is felt far and wide as their contemporary study is sculpted by recent research in art and life circumstances at UCS – the newest UK art university that knocks your socks off!’ Now WE are all expecting a world revitalised by fresh and blushingly critical artwork as WE sip from our milkshakes during summer. We chatted to a SNIP supporter in Ipswich Town; he added ‘everything we ever read about art is re-written at SNIP in an outer worldly language and in a pace that teleports our minds to the future’. WOAKA WOAKA! We are starting to like these guys!

After a short talk with the arty students we realize the SNIPPERS are about to present their escapades of evolution and distortion alongside the established art plethora at SNAP, and they are planning to thrill and enchant. Andrei Costache, one of the young hearts in SNIP states ‘The raw energy that infiltrates the air is incredible. You want the movement to catch the moment. You want it to be alive. The physical reality of the world is thought and motion, movement and sight. Space and time are viral in an artist's practice. SNIP shall depict the world with harmony and continuity. Art flows like poetry, it makes you fall in love, and it makes you want to experience the truth bursting out of every brush stroke. The artist is going through perpetual thought transformations as he unravels the direct sensations of life’s force. Constantly working and composing with ritualistic excitement, the artist’s symbolic creativity is clear and direct, instantiating freedom of speech and purity in the human spirit.’ Ok, ok, we get it, Mr SNIPER.

While we go back to our Nintendo 3DS and slam Donkey Kong’s arch nemesis King K. Rool into a banana tree in Donkey Kong Country 3D we are thinking of art and the zeitgeist. Is this a revival of the British art scene? Could these youngsters play their game as high as they come? They look like a cool bunch and they do well presenting themselves. - What about art?  we’ve asked Andrei. He answered: ‘The process of creating can be seen as a metaphor of creating life. This concept is relying on the ambition of the artist to contextualise his process in the material world. The medium is process and involves disruption to make aware of context. You can see the gestural involvement of the artist and the evidence of process in his practice. The idea is to be dispersed so that the act of looking becomes important to a great work of art. Suggesting the imbalance of life’s perpetual transformations the complex images produced have to be unpicked in the public’s eye. The viewer needs to engage sensibility like putting on 3D glasses when watching a 3D movie. SNIP SNAP!SNIP SNAP indeed.

I guess there's only one way to find out how hard the impact goes. INDEPENDENCE DAY here we come! SNIP here we come! Save some seats for THE FUTURE OF ARTS. WE are pleased to announce SNIP’s banana juicy looking website at Permanence in the making. Go and have a'look. Not to forget, did you know their yellow flashing colour that’s on everything by now was influenced by a work in the SNIP show? 

F-ARTS Officer

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