Monday, 29 July 2013


By Andrei Costache

In the vanguard of new ways of thinking culture has never been more powerful. Asking questions, not having an end, creating something outside the comfort zone, detached from place with flat colours and simple forms. Embracing complexity and cooking up possibilities that describe life at the edge of life. This is what happened in Cumbria at Kurt Schwitters’ Summer School 2013. There is a line that attaches you to the past and future in a totally unrecognizable place, which is part of the rural complicity. New narratives have opened in a disappearing language, creating a body of research of what should be there. Effectively disrupting nature with new ways of seeing the world and challenging interpretations. The works Interactivity 1, 2 and 3 are dispatched on the Merzbarn site in various high-key colours. The structures display a version of super modernity.
The sculptures are configured to lie in the forest, as if in the Euclidian space, where the concept of dimension is exemplified through geometrical forms. The sculptures create fluxes and reflections that merge the new sciences with the wild environment. A childish factor occurs when seeing the solid figures with reference to kids’ games playing with solid shapes, building castles and solving problems. Thinking of Greeks and Romans’ golden rules of urbanization in the antique cities the Interactivity work connects with the Merz ideology considering architecture in art and geometry on the rural soil that subvert normality and its utopic universe.

The aim was to make a statement about art and its relation to the present, using colourful geometrical sculptures I am depicting modern times and world transformation. This year’s Merz Thinkers BuildersDwellers theme was applied to all workshops and discussions. I used this opportunity to create a new body of work and strengthen my activity. I have built these sculptures with the available material on situ during my residency at the Merzbarn this summer. Ian Hunter & Co rule!

For info about residencies and workshops in the Lake District please visit their website:

Interactivity 1

Interactivity 2

Interactivity 3 (Tower)


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